Group Rules
Smiley Rules:
1- You must have a real picture of yourself for a profile photo in which your face is visible.
2- Your name on your profile must match the name you introduce yourself to the members.
3- We are very strict with attendance and a member will be removed from the group in ONE no-show.
4- You should unRSVP at least 12 hours prior to the event if you can't make it. This applies to you even if you are on the waitlist and can't go anymore.
5- If you didn't sign up for an event or you are on the waitlist and your status doesn't change to "Going", you should not show up without the host's permission.
6- You must respect other members and don't make them uncomfortable by any means. If anything or anyone made you uncomfortable in any of our events, you should report it to the organizers.
7- You must avoid texting the members whom you don't know and never met in person.
8- You must fully cooperate with the event hosts and be very respectful toward them. If the host of the event doesn't know you, find the host in the event and introduce yourself so he/she doesn't flag you as a no-show.
9- You must read the description of events carefully and fully follow the event-specific rules mentioned in the description.
10- In sports events, you must be very considerate. Dangerous play won't be tolerated even if it isn't a foul. If the game is a team sport, you must be a team player and you should cooperate with others in a way everyone can enjoy as a team.
11- You must be 18+ to join our activities.